Hello Everyone,

I am FlycheeseDM and I have decided that the world needs yet an other DM blog to talk about tabletop RPG’s. I aim to use this blog to have a written down version of my opinion in a long form that Twitter and other social media allow. After all if there are more points of view then people can find out different points of views on a range of tabletop games. This will cover a wide range of topics from creating new tabletop content, running said content and how to deal with the wider context of tabletop. There will also be post lists of cool quests for specific environments, classes and subplots for your party. 

Who is FlycheeseDM?

I have been playing DnD for over 5 years now and played board-games for as long as I can remember. So not too old to remember all the way back to when DnD first came out or too young that I am just opening the books just before each post. I have recently started making games over at itch.io by taking part in the game jams. This has really open my eyes to how careful game makers have to be when adding in mechanics.

Future Plans

Going forward I plan on releasing three posts a week. Monday/Tuesday I plan on writing a big think piece on a general tabletop topic. Wednesday/Thursday I plan on posting quest ideas based on a twitter poll or if a reader asks for a specific topic. Saturday/Sunday I will post reviews on various products based about TTRPG like dice, different systems, books and accessories. I will most likely be adding affiliate links to help fund this blog. There is a Patreon if you want to help fund the blog that way. I hope to start making more tabletop content for the Dungeon Masters Guild soon.


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