As I said in my last post Wednesdays/Thursdays is when I post quest idea. After a poll on my twitter, you guys picked islands. Small islands are always fun to visit in a ttrpg session. Whether you are playing in an archipelago, a pirate ship looking to land for some time or just want to add in an island for small contained, here are some cool island ideas. Please feel free to add to these ideas if you plan on running one of these ideas. I think that the ideas better suit small islands but make them as big or as small as you want.


Treasure hunt

There are a lot of reasons to bury treasure on an island. Maybe a pirate wants to keep his treasure while they are at sea but dies or loses their map. Maybe a local when crazy and just buried their treasure. Have a party learn a local legend that no one thinks is real. Having a map for the party to follow makes planning encounter easier to plan. You can have them complete challenges or puzzles to get the next part of the map as well.


Island just appears

Islands appearing where they should not be is a great reason to explore them. The party could be sent out by a group of cartographers to update the map or sent by a group of scared locals that want to know if the new land is safe. Maybe a island is rumored to only turn up every 100 years as part of ritual or a carzy wizard just likes teleporting their island around. Lots of odd clues or island features can be used as the island does not have to conform to our rules of physics.


Island of Wak Wak

The Island of Wak Wak is a card in MTG. The flavor text for the card says ‘The Isle of Wak-Wak, home to a tribe of winged folk, is named for a peculiar fruit that grows there. The fruit looks like a woman’s head, and when ripe speaks the word “Wak.”’ You could be a session on helping the fruit grown for a ceremony or you need to steal a fruit of a rich pateron.


Pirate island

A island with no law or order that pirates call home. It could be a great neutral ground for the pirates to meet and trade goods, tools, treasures, and stories. With a lot of captians needing new crew it can also be a great start to the session. Could even just be a bunch of ships that have joined together like the Brazen Coalition from Ixalan.


Island is a Monster

A great monster so large that their body is large eough to small island. If the monster is dead then the party can travel inside the body and have a tour of the huge organs. If the monster is still alive the party could deal with with a cult trying to wake it up to rain of destruction on the main land of your world.

Castaway Island

A small island with only one person on it. A castaway form the many ships that pass by. Your party can spend time working out if the castaway was guilty of the crime that lead to them being put on the island they are currently on.


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